Heron Pool Hoist

A stainless-steel hoist that works in all pool environments

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Ease of use is closely linked to poolside safety, which is why Heron hoists are designed to be simple to operate with require minimal training. This is particularly important for leisure centres and schools that have lots of staff.

The convenient motorised actuator means you can lift and lower users easily without straining. The sealed battery gives enough power for approximately 30 transfers before it needs recharging, and the user control attaches to the hoist for convenient access and storage.


Heron pool hoists work seamlessly above and below ground, with and without barriers. Thanks to its superior reach, they’re ideal for environments that often struggle to find suitable equipment. The mast can be rotated through 360° so users can be easily hoisted from poolside and placed in a convenient position within the pool.

We offer a choice of mounting plates depending on the pool design and surroundings. A pool socket is a concealed fixing for flush fitting into the concrete support area, and a pool plate is a surface-mounted fixing for an above-ground mount.

You can also select the patient interface (method of transfer) based on user need – it can be specified with a spreader bar lift for use with fabric slings or with a detachable patient seat you can then transport on a wheeled chassis.

There’s a common assumption that anything stainless steel is durable. In fact, there are 18 different grades of stainless steel, and in pool environments you need the highest quality. Not only is it wet and humid, but the chlorine in the air attacks the hoist material.

The Heron is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, giving it durability and rust resistance that lowers your overall lifetime costs.


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