Altair Portable Hoist

A new generation portable hoist unit, with software control.

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Key features

  • Adjustable width spreader bar
  • Choice of weight capacities
  • Lifting data collection for lifting analysis
  • Handset storage on unit
  • Operation via handset or on unit

Reduce heavy investments

Our new Altair overhead lift is a lightweight portable lift with a discreet and modern design. Its portability ensures greatly reduced asset investments, as the same lift is easily used in multiple rooms. The lift is available in three weight capacities from 150kg to 220kg and up to 300kg. The Altair can be used with either a 2, 3 or 4-point suspension.

Unbeatable comfort

The Altair offers unbeatable comfort. The unique telescopic hanger bar makes it possible to adjust the width according to patient needs. The 3-point suspension offers an even weight distribution and elongated sitting position.

The soft-start, soft-stop and constant lifting speed and direction makes lifting a comfortable experience for patients regardless of their weight.

The Altair offers two-speed lifting, high battery capacity and convenient battery charging through the hand control.

Lift intelligence

The Altair has the possibility to store usage and performance data. With our data and service application and a PC or tablet device, it lets you find out more about the usage and the condition of your lift. Detailed information can be viewed directly in the application or exported to other media for additional analysis.


Safe Working Load 150kg, 220kg or 300kg
Dimensions 400 x 140 x 300mm
Unit Weight 9.9kg
Battery 2.3Ah
IP Class IPX4 (lift), IPX5 (handset)
Lifting Distance 1680mm
Lifting Speed 1.8/3m per min, loaded/unloaded

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