Classic Major 200 Hoist

The 200kg hoist built for demanding situations, with excellent lift height and useability.

Product Code: H2046/7

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Key features

  • 200kg Safe Working Load
  • SMART monitor
  • Enables safe transfers
  • Available in Electric or Hydraulic versions
  • Range of spreader bars - fully interchangeable, and in a choice of three sizes to suit a variety of patient sizes
  • Foot-pedal leg adjustment - designed for ergonomic operation

The all new Classic Major 200 - attention to detail, rigorous testing, functional ergonomics The MAJOR 200 is the most popular mobile hoist in our community range and now comes loaded with many new and improved features Available in hydraulic and electric versions.


Safe working load: 200kg (31st)

Max. overall length: 1300mm (51")
Min. overall length: 1300mm (51")
Max. overall height: 1930mm (80")
Min. overall height: 1380mm (54¾")
Max. spreader bar height: 1725mm (68")
Min. spreader bar height: 525mm (20½")
Spreader bar height at max. reach: 1200mm (47¼")
Spreader bar reach at max. height: 630mm (24¾")
Spreader bar reach at min. height: 490mm (19¼")
Max. reach: 720mm (28¼")
Turning radius: 1310mm (51½")
External width, legs open: 1230mm (48½")
Internal width, legs open: 1140mm (44¾")
External width, legs closed: 600mm (26")
Internal width, legs closed: 580mm (22¾")
Overall leg height: 100mm (4")
Ground clearance: 15mm (½")
Front twin castors: 75mm (3")
Rear braked castors: 100mm (4")
Product weight: 42kg (92½lb)
Battery: 2 x 12V, rechargable, sealed acid type battery
Battery Capacity: 3.2 amp/h
Battery Weight: 3kg

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