Dual Air Mattress

The Dual is a replacement dynamic mattress for high risk care.

Product Code: T9060

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Key features

  • 200kg SWL
  • High Risk / Stage IV protection
  • Zipped stretch quilted cover
  • Adjustable digital pump set

The DUAL is an alternating air mattress replacement system, designed to sit directly onto the bed platform.

With twenty 8” tall air cells and an additional convoluted foam base, the Dual delivers the ideal therapy for patients who require treatment for pressure ulcers up to Stage IV. 

The DUAL system has a digital controlled pump unit using I.P.S (Intelligent Pressure Sensing) which controls accurately the pressure within the cells. 

The DUAL has an ‘Upright’ mode, increasing the cell pressure to prevent bottoming out whilst the patient sits in an articulated position. Static mode is also available for those suffering with spinal instability. Firm mode inflates the mattress rapidly to maximum pressure, helping with patient transfers and procedures. Three static cells within the head zone provide a comfortable pillow area. 

The fast-deflate CPR facility deflates the entire mattress in a matter of seconds in the event of an emergency. 

A high quality Dartex quilted cover completes the DUAL for the user.


Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 23.5cm 

Max user weight: 200kg 

Use up to Stage IV

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