Eco Through Floor Lift

The elegant design fits unobtrusively into the home with the lift being 'called' only when required, leaving the room-in-use free with full floor access.

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Key features

  • 225 kg safe working load
  • Up to 4.2m of travel
  • Access between 3 floors
  • Single person carriage
  • Wheelchair or seated
  • Domestic access
  • Internal only

Powered electronically, the traction drive system is clean and environmentally friendly, requiring 56% less power to run, it helps to reduce the carbon footprint. The traction drive is also 19% quieter than a hydraulic system and offers higher travel distance of up to 4.2 metres compared to 3.6 metres maximum height of a hydraulic lift.


Safe working load 255 kg
Travel 4.2m
Colour RAL 7035


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