H20 Handwash Station

All in one, portable sink unit that is suitable for a range of applications and environments, both indoors and out.

Product code: N5913


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Key features

  • Manufactured from 70% recycled plastic
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor application
  • Hands-free water supply with foot-operated tap
  • Easy-fill 45L storage tank, providing enough water for up to 225 hand washes
  • Includes 5L hand soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, wastewater collection drum and waste bin
  • Easy to move around your site
  • No plumbing or electricity required
  • Lockable dispenser unit

The ultimate self-contained, portable, all-in-one sink unit. With capacity for up to 225 x 20 second hand washes, this unit is ideal for regular use. The unit is small enough to fit through standard doorways, making it easy to transfer between both internal and external locations on your site.


Weight - 25kg (when empty)

Dimensions - 596mm (W) x 1555mm (H) x 470mm (D)

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