MedexCare Replacement Mattress

The MedexCare is a high risk dynamic mattress for high risk pressure management.

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Key features

  • Pump features 2 in 1 Alternation mode
  • True Static mode
  • Cycle Time: 10mins
  • 6 Adjustable comfort levels with weight indicator
  • Low pressure visual and audible alarm
  • Power failure visual and audible alarm
  • Components failure alarm
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Cover Material: Light blue polyurethane laminated with knitted nylon. The mattress cover is made of a 2-way stretch fabric.
  • Air Cell Material: Pure polyurethane, 21 non-vent cells. Head three cells are static.
  • Base Material: Black Polyurethane Coated with Nylon. Non-slip bottom ensures replacement remains in position.
  • CPR for quick deflation of the mattress
  • Inflated Dimension: 200cmx90cmx20cm ( W.L.H )
  • Weight: Mattress 10kg Power Unit 2.5 kg

The MedexCare high risk alternating pressure mattress replacement system is primarily used for the treatment of pressure damage or pressure ulcers in high risk patients.

The replacement mattress system is a full 8 inch deep air cell (not a less expensive 4 inch or 6 inch cell with a static foam sub-base)

The air pressure mattress system pump unit which enables the mattress replacement to provide the most comfortable level to individual patient offering both alternating and low pressure static therapies.

The MedexCare Plus replacement Mattress System is one of the most advanced active pressure area management systems yet competitively priced.

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