Nivano CTB battery-powered changing table

Nivano CTB is a battery operated wall mounted changing table for where mains power access is a challenge.

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Key features

  • 400mm - 1000mm height range
  • Weight capacity - 135kg
  • Part stainless steel construction
  • Durable non-rip high tension vinyl material
  • Suitable for use in shower areas and wet rooms
  • Protrudes just 220mm from wall when stowed

The battery operated Nivano CTB wall mounted height adjustable changing table works on a rechargeable battery system and offers all the options and features of the mains powered Nivano CTE, but without the added cost of paying a subcontractor to bring mains power into a bathroom or changing area.

This model works from an external waterproof battery which slips effortlessly into the dock next to the changing plynth. A fully charged battery will give you 40 fully loaded lifts at the maximum weight capacity of 135kg. This means a fully charged battery will last a very long time under normal working conditions.

As part of the package an external charging station is included, which can be mounted in any convenient location. Once the battery runs down, it is simply then a case of slipping the empty battery out of its dock and into the external charging station. Once fully charged, the battery can then be returned to the battery dock and will be ready for the next time the changing stretcher is required.

Additional batteries are also available to purchase to allow you the freedom of having one charging whilst using the other.

The Nivano battery operated height adjustable changing table is available in lengths from 1200 to 1900mm, with a weight capacity of 135kg as standard and a 200kg model available. Non-standard sizes are also available upon request and the stretcher folds away neatly when not in use, protruding just 220mm from the wall. It also has a travel range of 700mm and can easily lift a client from near floor level to a convenient height for washing and changing.


Electrics battery charging station A.C 220-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.5Amps, IPX4. D.C. 24v, 400mA
Control/battery box D.C. Output 24v, max 10Ah, IPX4 battery 24v DC
Safe working load 135 kg
Stretcher length 1000mm to 1900mm
Width 920mm with guard
Height range 200mm lowest- approx 975mm highest (appox dependant on fixing)
Cover/spine height 1515mm max


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