Nivano Wall Mounted Changing Table

A robust changing table for height adjustable showering for disabled care.

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Key features

  • 1200mm - 1900mm table length
  • Weight capacity - 135kg
  • Part stainless steel construction
  • Durable non-rip high tension vinyl material
  • Suitable for use in shower areas and wet rooms
  • Protrudes just 220mm from wall when stowed (with optional guard rail, this increases to 255mm)

Introducing the Nivano CTE changing table, our easy-to-operate multi-purpose paediatric to adult height-adjustable shower and changing solution.

It is available in sizes from 1200mm to 1900mm and features a 135kg weight capacity as standard, for those requiring a heavy duty changing table a 200kg model is also available. We can even supply non-standard sizes upon request.

The Nivano wall mounted changing bench has a travel range of 700mm and can easily lift a client from near floor level to a convenient height for washing and changing. It folds away very neatly when not in use, the basic version protruding just 220mm from the wall and features battery back-up for safe lowering in the event of a power failure.


Height range 300mm - 900mm
Weight capacity 150 kg (200 kg option)
Protrudes 220mm from wall when stowed


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