Premium 150 Shower Bench A

Premium 150 Shower and changing bench

Powered, height adjustable 700 mm; from 300 mm -1000 mm, with wired hand control. 175kg SWL

Foldable. Including a safety rail and water collection tray with an integrated drain.

Outer measurements 900 mm x 1800 mm.

A water collection tray with integrated water outlet prevents water from splashing on carers or the floor. The flexible hose attached to the centre mounted outlet of the water collection tray, can be connected to either an outlet in the floor or on the wall.

The integrated gas cylinders enable the table to be folded out of the way when not in use to maximise floor space in front of the unit.

Electric with wired hand control – the red buttons clearly indicate “Up” and “Down”. The wired hand control comes with a holder for fitting to the wall.

The stretcher of the table is very easy to clean, and the stretcher cover can be unzipped for washing or easy replacement.

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Key features

  • Washable lying surface - easy removable with zip
  • Folding safety rail
  • Water collection tray
  • Folding bench to maximise space
  • Wired hand control with wall mount



  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustment height - 700 mm
  • Mains connection (V) - 230 V
  • Hz - 50-60 Hz
  • IP - IPX6
  • Power consumption (maximum load) - 70 W
  • Power consumption (standby) - 2 W
  • Speed - 15 mm/s
  • Noise level - 48 dB

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