Pro Presence Patient Mobile Hoist

Pro Presence Mobile Hoist, Electric, 227kg SWL, SMART Monitor,  6pt Loop Fixing Spreader Bar, Electric Leg Actuation, c/w Battery and Charger.

Product Code: H2031

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Key features

The Presence comes with 2 years warranty as standard.

  • Large lift capacity: 227Kg / 35st safe working load
  • Outstanding lifting range: 1910mm
  • Powered leg positioning
  • Powered 4 point cradle option (not shown)
  • NEW - Digital weigh scale option (not shown)

Outstanding performance and lifting range.

The Presence patient lift is competent enough to handle almost any patient-handling task. It is an all round performer that gives you more than you expect!

Whether from the floor or onto a high surface the Presence has an astonishing range off movement. The minimum height with the six point spreader bar is just 440mm, which ensures excellent off the floor transfers. Conversely, if you wish to access high beds or nursing surfaces the Presence will lift up to 1910mm.

This is especially useful where you have variable height beds, special lift mattresses and other high surfaces. This type of flexibility is increasingly important in the care environment. It is the difference between effective safe transfers and unnecessary risk for both the carer and patient.

Sculptured base design allows carer to get close to the lift, which promotes ease of use. The additional space promotes better ergonomics for the carer, as it is possible to interact more closely with the patient. The Presence has two powerful electric motors which open and close the legs automatically. Additionally, the Presence’s unique ‘swan-neck’ leg design also allows the lift to get close to the widest of obstacles. This is especially useful when encountering large chairs, bulky commodes and wheelchairs.


Specification Imperial Metric
Safe Working Load 500 lbs 227 kgs
Maximum Overall Length 57.5 inches 1460 mm
Minimum Overall Length 55.1 Inches 1400 mm
Maximum Overall Height 81.3 inches 2065 mm
Minimum Overall Height 57.5 inches 1460 mm
Spreader Bar - Maximum Height 75.2 inches 1910 mm
Spreader Bar - Minimum Height 16.9 inches 430 mm
Height at Maximum Reach 51.5 inches 1310 mm
Reach at Maximum Height 25.6 inches 650 mm
Reach at Minimum Height 15.7 inches 400 mm
Maximum Reach (Centre of spreader bar to front of the mast) 36.6 inches 930 mm
Turning Radius 64.2 inches 1630 mm
Legs Open - External Width 45.2 inches 1150 mm
Legs Open - Internal Width 40.1 inches 1020 mm
Legs Closed - External Width 26.4 inches 670 mm
Legs Closed - Internal Width 21.6 inches 550 mm
Overall Height of Legs 4.7 inches 120 mm
Ground Clearance 1.4 inches 35 mm
Front Twin Castors 4.0 inches 100mm
Rear Braked Castors 4.0 inches 100mm
4-point Positioning Cradle - Maximum Height 61.0 inches 1550 mm
4-point Positioning Cradle - Minimum Height (usable) 15.4 inches 390 mm

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