SmartRail Wall track and cover

Providing the basis for the ultimate in bathroom flexibility, SmartRail wall track offers a convenient way to mount accessories and allow them to move sideways, or to be removed entirely.

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Key features

  • Extruded aluminium profile for strength
  • Hygienic hinged cover keep water away from the mechanism
  • 3 cover versions for easy customisation
  • 800kg per linear metre weight capacity
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • Designed in Italy

SmartRail wall track is constructed from an innovative aluminium profile which allows accessories such as arm supports, basin mounts and baskets to be mounted and demounted with ease. 

SmartRail wall track has a unique cover system which enables you to choose a finish that allows the track to blend into the environment. The cover also affords excellent protection to the track by keeping water away from the sliding hinge. This ensures that the track continues to work without becoming clogged with limescale. It also makes cleaning the track so much easier ensuring your bathroom environment always looks its best.

SmartRail wall track is available in three variants, and is delivered in lengths of up to 6m. The cover is delivered in lengths of up to 1.2m to ensure that the track is easy to fit on walls that might not be quite straight over the entire distance.

The wall track is also equipped with a rubber seal along the top edge, protecting against water ingress to the fixing holes. The rear of the profile is predisposed to a connection bar which ensures accurate alignment. The track has compartments which can carry cables, and the bottom of the profile has the ability to carry a LED strip, ideal for safety lighting around the perimeter of the bathroom.

With a SWL of 800kg per linear metre, SmartRail wall track offers a unprecented level of comfort and safety.



Aluminium 6060 T6

Stainless steel 304

SWL 800kg per meter
Warranty 5 years

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