Trekker Tilt Wheelchair


Supportive modular seating you can take anywhere

The Trekker has been specially designed for long-term wheelchair users who need the support of a companion.

It can be completely tailored to the individual, providing a high level of comfort and convenience. Versatile and user-friendly, it offers tilt-in-space functionality and is suitable for use in wheelchair-accessible vehicles, offering the flexibility you need for the range of day-to-day requirements.

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Key features


  • Crash tested to ISO 7176-19
  • Tilt-in-space action (0-30 degrees)
  • Matrixx modular seating elements
  • Optional AURA power support option
  • Width-adjustable chassis
  • Height-adjustable push handles
  • Supportive and pressure-reducing seating options that can be easily upgraded in future
  • Suitable for multi-user environments
  • 150kg SWL
  • 12-month warranty

The Trekker is highly adjustable, allowing you to meet individual users’ exact needs time and time again. Combining it with the Matrixx seat system creates even more room for customisation.

For ultimate comfort, opt for the Kelvin cushion system – our most quilted support system yet. Together with tilt-in-space and the ability to upgrade posture and pressure-relief options based on future user requirements, you get the highest level of support and recyclability.


Seat width 370 / 420 / 470 / 520mm
Seat depth 420 - 520 mm or 400 - 560 mm with Kelvin cushion
Seat height 420 / 470 / 520 / 570mm
Overall width 580 / 630 / 680 / 730mm
Weight capacity 150 kg
Tilt range 0 - 30°


The Trekker is easy to operate manually or propel by foot. It can be combined with the AURA push support unit, a battery-powered hub with a convenient speed control lever mounted on the push handle. This optional unit provides the power while the attendant steers – a convenient combination for carers who have concerns over manual handling.

The Trekker is crash tested and suitable for use in wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

  • 12-month warranty
  • Suitable for multi-user environments
  • Supportive and pressure-reducing seating options that can be easily upgraded in future

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