Voyager 420 2 way Ceiling Hoist


A versatile carer friendly hoist with a large range of configuration options designed for community and facility use.

Product Code: H2000

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Key features

  • Voyager 420 4 way - powered lift and lower, powered traverse, 190kg (30 stones) - higher weight capacity available if required
  • Internal battery back-up
  • In-track charger
  • Return-to-Charge function
  • Large range of track and accessories
  • Soft start and stop
  • Emergency manual descent

The VOYAGER 420 2-Way ceiling hoist is one of a range of hoists that has been developed over many years and is currently one of the leading products in the UK.

Having the powered lift and lower facility along with the manual traverse function, this offers a very easy and simple to use hoist system for the care giver and speedy transfers for the user. When being used with track systems to offer full room coverage, the 2-Way system makes the system very carer and user friendly making the system simple to operate. 

A wide range of accessories and track options are available to ensure that your particular situation is covered in the most cost-effective way. 

Wealden Rehab have broad experience in installing the Voyager product in a wide variety of situations, including domestic properties, leisure centres, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and community care suites.


  • Compatible with loop fixing slings 
  • Voyager 420 4-Way Hoist Unit can be used with Voyager fixed track system: Straight track configurations available 
  • XY track systems layout available for full room coverage 
  • Room-to-room gate systems available to help cut down on transfers 
  • Turntable configurations available to enable specific coverage to more than one area of room 
  • Voyager track system has options of ceiling fix, solid wall fix and stud wall fix making installation possible in almost any situation 
  • Room plans easily produced following site survey to ensure installation is clear

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