'G' Large Headrest - Head Supports - Seating

Highly flexible support.

Product Code: N3761

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Key features

  • By manipulating a series of finger sections located behind the soft yet durable front pad, the wheelchair occupant can be provided with anything from completely flat to a deep, close fitting curve.
  • The contours of this versatile headrest can be adjusted to meet the changing needs of the wheelchair occupant.
  • The Type G headrest provides maximum comfort and support to the back and sides of the head or neck area.
  • The Type G headrest comes supplied with chrome finished, height and depth adjustable stems.
  • The Type G headrest is constructed from black PVC and polycarbonate plastic.

Evaluation justifications

The design G headrest cushion is a linked highly flexible head support. For users that are not able to control their head position. Each linked section can be adjusted to provide the best support possible. The design G headrest also has 2” of padding, this is useful for users that have a lot of involuntary movement as the padding can protect them from injuring themselves. Additional links can be added to the head support to increase the length of the support and prevent a user from moving their head around the side of the support.


Width (flat) 420mm
Height 75mm


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