Premium 175 Shower Bench

Premium 175 Shower & Changing Bench

A wall-mounted height-adjustable shower bench with a water collection tray

The Premium 175 features a soft plastic-coated mesh fabric platform that improves lying comfort. The mesh can be removed for laundry.

An integral folding safety rail is included and improves the patients' confidence. The platform can be folded to improve available space within the room. An integrated collection tray and drain hose means waste water is controled.

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Key features

  • 175kg SWL
  • Powered height adjustment through 400mm
  • Folds up to the wall to maximise space
  • Water collection tray prevents splashing
  • Integrated folding safety rail
  • Coated mesh platform for comfort

The Premium 175 is a great value shower bench.

The powered height adjustment makes for easy patient handling and reduces risk to the care assistants.

The user platform is constructed from a soft coated mesh material, which makes for a very comfortable surface to lie on.

The Premium 175 has a water collection tray as standard, which directs all the wastewater into the convenient drain hose, so prevents splashing onto the floor.

The Premium 175 also has a folding safety rail for user confidence.


Adjustable Height 700 mm
Mains Connection 230 V
Hz 50-60Hz
Speed Upwards 15 mm/s
Speed Downwards 20 mm/s
Safe Working Load 175kg






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