Vector Platform Lift

The Vector Platform Lift is designed to completment any public or commercial environment. Perfect solution within schools, office blocks, hospitals, care homes and retail shops due to the size and weight capacity.

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Key features

  • 50mm pit or ramp
  • No head fixing, machine room or oil points
  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Quick installation
  • 8 platform lift sizes

Completely self-contained, the Vector Platform Lift eliminates the need for seperate machine room or pump box housing, making it ideal for restricted or listed buildings.


Safe working load 410 kg / 5 persons
Travel height 250 - 13000mm
Platform sizes (WxD)

900 x 1040
900 x 1280
900 x 1480
1000 x 1280
1000 x 1480
1000 x 1980
1100 x 1480
1100 x 1580

Shaft width Platform +375mm
Shaft depth Platform +120mm
Door height 2000mm
Door width 900mm
Top height full door 2240mm
Top height half door 1100mm
Structural opening width Platform +405mm
Structural opening depth Platform +150mm


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