Voyager 420 4 way ceiling hoist


A versatile power driven hoist with a large range of configuration options designed for community and facility use.

Product Code: H2002

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Key features

  • Voyager 420 4 way - powered lift and lower, powered traverse, 190kg (30 stones) - higher weight capacity available if required
  • Internal battery back-up
  • In-track charger
  • Return-to-Charge function
  • Large range of track and accessories
  • Soft start and stop
  • Emergency manual descent


  • Compatible with loop fixing slings
  • Voyager 420 4-Way Hoist Unit can be used with Voyager fixed track system:
  • Straight track configurations available
  • XY track systems layout available for full room coverage
  • Room-to-room gate systems available to help cut down on transfers
  • Turntable configurations available to enable specific coverage to more than one area of room
  • Voyager track system has options of ceiling fix, solid wall fix and stud wall fix making installation possible in almost any situation
  • Room plans easily produced following site survey to ensure installation is clear

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