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For the ultimate experience of comfort, pressure relief and support, look no further than our Valencia Range. This chair meets the needs of a wide spectrum of users, with the flexibility to accommodate future changes or multi-user situations with ease.

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The Valencia chair range has endless positioning capabilities without the need for expensive accessories. As a result, they’re suitable for users with a range of conditions, including Huntingdon’s disease.

Not only do the adaptable cushions provide high levels of comfort, but they’re also designed to accommodate patients with spinal curvature or muscle weakness. Cushions can be moved or adapted at a later date to continue supporting a user whose needs change on a daily/weekly basis.

With a bit of training, it’s easy for carers to adapt the chair for a new user, but the adjustments are hidden so they don’t accidentally make changes that affect posture.

Too often, rise recliners assume that because users don’t need assistance to stand that they have core strength. As a result, they can lack vital postural support. The Valencia Porter gives you the functionality you need with the postural and pressure management required to deliver comfort and safety.

Tilt-in-space redistributes pressure on the body, reducing the risk of sores and helping users keep their pelvis at the back of the seat without slipping or slumping. It also has an integral overlay as standard, which – coupled with the memory foam cushion – gives added comfort in addition to postural support. The seat cushion can be changed for different pressure requirements, and you can choose from a medium risk, visco-elastic cushion through to gel and air cushions if the user is managing existing sores.

Valencia specialist seating works with mobile and ceiling hoists, standing hoists, standing transfers and transfer aids and turners. As a result, patients can easily use Valencia chairs for a range of activities.

Our most popular model, the Valencia Porter, is on castors, so you can move users without transferring them from chair to wheelchair and back again. And because the 4 castors lock, the chair can be moved whether or not the chair is occupied.


Valencia Porter Chair
Valencia Air Chair

The chairs are lovely and our residents are so comfy in them. It is much nicer now we can get even our frailest residents out of bed and comfy - well worth the money, thank you!

Meg Jones, Manager of Barchester Care Home

I love the thought that has gone into the design

Product Design- Occupational Therapist

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