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An Introduction to the Changing Places Scheme

An Introduction to the Changing Places Scheme
By Wealden Rehab 20 December 2016 850 Views No comments

Standard disabled toilets are unsuitable for over 250,000 people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well as other disabilities that severely limit mobility; they don’t provide benches or hoists and most are too small to accommodate more than one carer. This means people are put at risk, and carers are forced to change them on a toilet floor.

Changing Places toilets are the solution to this problem, and providing them in public places could dramatically change the lives of thousands of people across the UK.

What are changing places?

They’re a combined toilet, shower and changing room, designed especially to meet the needs of people with complex and multiple disabilities. They have more features than standard disabled toilets, and have more space so up to 2 assistants can help.

There are just over 900 Changing Places across the UK, which is a brilliant achievement for the Changing Places campaigners, but this isn’t nearly enough to accommodate the number of people who will benefit from them.

What will you find in a Changing Places toilet?

The minimum you would find is:

  • An overhead hoist system
  • A height adjustable changing bench
  • Adequate space for the user and up to two carers
  • Centrally placed toilet with room either side for carers
  • Washbasin

Changing Places in Practice

We're a keen supporter of the Changing Places campaign and have been a key installer in many Changing Places projects. We started a Changing Places project alongside a YMCA in Kent, which was building a new sports centre and youth club, while the construction phase was underway, surveyed a possible room in the building and delivered a plan based on the scheme guidelines.

Our design and installation team worked with the other trades involved to deliver the project in line with their timescales.

And as the YMCA CEO said, ‘Your team were very professional and they took the time to work alongside our building contractors, ensuring that the finished room meets all of the legal requirements but most importantly works well and looks amazing for our clients.

Speak to our design and installation team for more information about Changing Places and how you can incorporate it into your building, or look at our case studies for other examples of our work.

We can now assist our clients with full CAD capability to ensure that the design of the room is communicated to all the major trades on site.

To find your local Changing Places toilet, visit the official Changing Places toilet map, or contact us to see how we can help with your Changing Places on 01634 813388 or email sales@wealdenrehab.com