Second Changing Places installed in Bracknell Shopping Centre

Working together with the architect and the main contractor, Wealden Rehab has delivered another Changing Places for this town centre!

Working within an existing space on the second floor, the architect created a room with sufficient floor area by removal of an old lift-shaft wall. This created a room with an unusual plan, but with the recommended floor space of 12m².

The constraint was the remainder of the solid concrete beam that bisected the room and drove our design to create a larger part of the room which contained all the equipment which required hoisting. The smaller remaining section has a lower ceiling height and contains the basin and coat pegs.

We installed all the equipment necessary to create a compliant Changing Places toilet, with a GoLift patient hoist on an XY track system, a height-adjustable changing bed, a height-adjustable basin, folding and fixed grab rails, a wall-fixed privacy screen, hand dryer, paper dispensers, and coat hooks.

Assisting the architect with layouts, first-fix details, and services layouts, the project was finally handed over in April 2020

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