RFW Folding Privacy Screen

Well-designed and elegant, the RFW folding screen protects the privacy of your patients.

Flexible and usable as a screen or partition in the hospital and care sector, the robust and impact-resistant folding screen is positioned in seconds and parked back against the wall after use. 

The number of leaves can be extended at a later date. Non-see-through but the translucent leaf infill material with a high-quality aluminium profile creates a pleasant, light atmosphere.

Modern designs, available in different colours, give the folding screen an individual touch.

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Key features

  • Folding screen for wall-mounting
  • Folding screen can be made mobile
  • Folding screen can be attached to a column
  • Can be folded together to save space
  • Non-see-through 360° hinges. The RTC unit (ropimex®-Turn&Connect) enables 360° leaf rotation.
  • Pleasant atmosphere due to non-see-through but translucent leaf infill material made of polycarbonate
  • Available in 10 colours and 5 design options
  • Leaf width 30 cm
  • Can be extended at a later date
  • Frame and hinged profiles: extruded aluminium (Al Mg Si 05), anodised surface
  • Plastic parts: PA 6 GF 15, polyamide with 15% glass fibres
  • Infill panels: Polycarbonate, 2 mm, white, translucent, flame resistant, construction material class B1, DIN 4102-01, extremely impact resistant


Number of panels available Between 3 and 10
Panel width 300mm
Availble heights 1450, 1650 or 1850mm


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