Heliq Ceiling Hoist

A new-generation ceiling hoist unit, with software control.

Product Code: 
55100-GB Manual (up to 24st)
55110-GB Manual (up to 35st)
55120-GB Manual (up to 47st)
55130-GB Powered (up to 24st)
55140-GB Powered (up to 35st)
55150-GB Powered (up to 47st)

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Key features

  • Various weight capacities available - match closely to patient weight
  • Interchangable spreader bars - easy accomodation of patient growth or user group
  • Software controlled - for lifting data collection and export
  • Handset or rail charging - convenient

Discreet and contemporary design

The HeliQ overhead lift features a modern, discreet look that easily fits into any environment. Its small size ensures ease of use in either institutional or home care applications.

The lift comes in three different models with three different weight capacities, 150 kg, 220 kg and 300 kg.

It also allows optimal patient comfort with 2-point or 4-point hanger bars in different lengths to suit virtually any patient.

Lift intelligence

The HeliQ has the possibility to store usage and performance data. With our data and service application and a PC or tablet device, it lets you find out more about the usage and the condition of your lift. Detailed information can be viewed directly in the application or exported to other media for additional analysis.

Maximum comfort and lifting efficiency

Constant lifting speed regardless of the patient’s weight plus soft-start and stop makes lifting a comfortable experience. The HeliQ offers two-speed lifting, high battery capacity and convenient battery charging through the hand control. The lift can also be equipped with power traverse (motorized movement) and in-rail charging (continuous charge).

The very low weight of the HeliQ makes it easy to handle during installation and service.

Power traverse

The HeliQ lifts have an option to be connected to a power traverse, meaning motorized movement sideways.

The HeliQ Power Traverse has dual speed, high water protection (IPX4), a 300 kg (661 lbs) safe-working load capacity, including the possibility of passing curtain gaps in rails.


 Safe Working Load  150kg, 220kg or 300kg
 Dimensions  235 x 235 x 140mm
 Unit Weight  7kg
 Battery  2.3Ah
 IP Class  IPX4 (lift), IPX5 (handset)
 Lifting Distance  1680mm
 Lifting Speed  1.8/3m per minute loaded/unloaded
 Warranty  24 mths

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