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RAZ shower chairs


RAZ bariatric mobile shower chairs are built for users weighing up to 272kg. Both self and attendant propelled models are available for those with differing ranges of mobility and for patients who need more specific support the RAZ AT600 offers up to 40 degrees of tilt-in-space.


Tilt-in-space shower chair for plus size users

Its' stainless steel frame is constructed to take users up to 272kg, and the exclusive Weight Assist Spring System (WASS) can be configured to counter-balance the users weight for near effortless tilting to 25° by an attendant, eliminating the requirement for problematic battery systems. The RAZ AT600 is also height-adjustable by means of an adjustable chassis, allowing fine-tuning of the seat height between 57-60cm.


A heavy duty attendant propelled shower chair

The RAZ AP600 Shower Commode chair features the multi-positional, tension adjustable backrest and comes as standard with 110mm of frame height adjustment, 150mm dual-locking casters at each corner and flip-up padded armrests. The stainless steel frame is engineered for heavy-duty use and easy access for the user or attendant.


A heavy duty shower chair for self propelled users

The RAZ SP600 Shower Commode chair features a multi-positional, tension adjustable backrest. It comes as standard with 110mm of frame height adjustment, 600mm rear wheels for self propelling, dual-locking casters and flip-up padded armrests. The stainless steel frame is engineered for heavy-duty use and easy access for the user or attendant with center of gravity adjustment within the rear wheel brackets.

RAZ Modular Seats with IPAS

(Ischial Pelvic Alignment System)

Features & Benefits

    Eliminates rusting, built to last for many years in harsh wet environment
    Create more comfortable position, reduce need for invasive lateral supports
    Future proofing the chair for WC bowl height, transfer height. Reduces errors in chair deliveries


    Allows the chair to be added to when required, enables the chairs to develop to meet the users needs
    Reduces slipping in shower area, protected against shower scum and hair
    Enables the seat aperture to be correctly positioned for a users pelvic position

Why buy RAZ?

  • Tension adjustable backrest
    Tension adjustable back

    provides extra postural support

  • Modular seat selection
    Modular seat selection

    with 50mm of depth adjustment

  • footplates
    Swing-away footplates

    access for standing and side transfers

  • armrests
    Flip-up armrests

    for easy access and transfers

RAZ Accessories

  • MFX Footplates

    Accommodate shorter legs

  • V-Style Footplate

    Rigid but adjustable, compact foot positioning

  • Wide Armpad

    A wider surface adjustable in depth and angle

  • Moulded Armpad

    Provides distinct contours to stabilise arms. Drain hole

  • Arm-rest Lock

    prevents armrest from folding up, essential if the arm is used for repositioning

  • Lateral Supports

    simple fold-away design, offering specific support to the trunk. Adjustable is height and width

  • Elevating Leg rest

    for control and comfort, a multi-position elevating footplate with calf pad

  • Calf Strap

    a soft strap used to prevent the feet from moving rearwards on the footplates. Velcro adjustable.

  • Leg Adductors

    firm support for the outside of the thighs to prevent adduction. Easily removable for transfers

  • Hip Adductors

    firm support for the outside of the hips to prevent adduction. Easily removable for transfers

  • Large Head Cushion

    a range of head cushions for extra comfort and support which attach to the standard stainless steel hardware

  • Harmony Backrest

    Injected moulded foam backrest offering soft and contoured support. An excellent choice for infection control

  • Positioning Belts by Kinetic Balance

    Neoprene padded belts and harnesses for pelvic and trunk control. Sizes XS to XL

  • Neoprene Footplate Covers

    Soft envelope style covers to protect sensitive feet

  • Pivoting Arm Mounts

    allows the armrests to flip-up when using lateral support and a wider armpad together. A sprung-loaded mechanism allows the armrest to fold to the side before folding the arm.

Moulded Foam Seat Designs

    This injection-moulded seat has gentle contours to support the pelvis and an integral skin which is water-resistant, yet supple and comfortable.

  • 400mm Bridged
  • 400mm Open Front
  • 475mm Bridged
  • 475mm Open Front
  • For AP/SP/AT600 475mm Open Front

Visco Foam Seat Designs

    These seats have a layer of memory foam for extra comfort and are hand-upholstered with a bi-elastic vinyl. This construction allows us to offer a wide variety of designs.

  • 400mm Bridged
  • 400mm Open Front
  • 400mm Open Left
  • 400mm Open Rear
  • 400mm Open Right
  • 475mm Bridged
  • 475mm Open Front
  • 475mm Open Left
  • 475mm Open Rear
  • 475mm Open Right
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