Supportive and safe bathing with the Turtle bath aid

The Turtle bath support offers a versatile aid for paediatrics and young adults

Bathing a child or adult with physical or cognitive disabilities can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, the Turtle bathing support is a cost-effective, versatile aid that drastically improves user experience while also making the process easier for the caregiver. Let’s see how.

What is the Turtle bathing support?

The Turtle is the ideal device for enabling supportive and safe bathing for children and young adults. Designed with safety, longevity, and comfort in mind, it is the ideal bathing support for private residences, hospitals and care facilities. It’s lightweight, foldable design also makes it ideal for storage and transportation. Discover more >>

A bathing support that grows with your child

One of the biggest challenges of bathing children and young adults with disabilities is their growth. The vast majority of bathing supports come in a range of different lengths, but the width of the aid remains the same. The Turtle can be a part of a child’s bathing routine as they grow. There are a choice of frames to accommodate a wide range of widths, lengths and weight capacity, enabling the perfect fit for the support you require.

You can choose from 5 different sizes, with product width ranging from 35cm to 50cm, and indicative user height from 80cm to 160cm, making the Turtle suitable from infancy right through to adolescence/small adult.


 Unit    Size 0  Size 1   Size 2   Size 3   Size 4 


cm 35 40 40 45 50


cm 72 83 93 105 114


cm 50 57 60 64 67

Max user weight   

kg 25 30 30 45 60

A bathing support that offers numerous benefits, the Turtle has a style that remains the same no matter what size the user progresses too, providing comforting familiarity at every stage.

A better bathing experience

Many users enjoy the sensory feedback that being in water provides. Unlike several other bathing supports, the Turtle is designed to sit lower in the bathtub. This enables greater immersion in the water, keeping the user warmer for longer and improving their overall sensory experience. It can also be adjusted to be as flat or upright as necessary to make the user comfortable, and even combined with our additional stands to be converted into a safe, effective shower chair.

A safer bathing experience

Safety is paramount for any bathing experience and the Turtle takes this very seriously, with a variety of features, including:

  • Head support for lateral or thoracic support
  • Pelvic belt
  • Adjustable leg straps that can be positioned anywhere along the length of the legs

Multiple knuckle joints along the frame enable the Turtle to be positioned for optimal comfort and safety based on the needs of the individual user. Meanwhile, the aluminium frame construction with foam inner negates water penetration and provides much needed stability in the water.

Budget-friendly bathing

You might think that such a versatile product comes at a premium price point, but the Turtle is competitively priced alongside other popular bathing support aids. And with a year’s warranty and the assurance that comes with expert advice and support from the Wealden Rehab team, the Turtle is the ideal choice for making bath time accessible. Discover more >>

At Wealden Rebab, we work with professionals designing and advising on ideal solutions for patients with physical mobility needs. We’d be delighted to help you find the perfect bathing support for your requirements – just contact us on or call 01634 813388 to speak to the team.

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