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How our 360°WRAP can help you

Our flexible and responsive approach is all about keeping people at home and out of hospital.

Rather than having production lines making custom equipment, our kit is modular and adaptable, which means we can deliver faster, you can keep a product relevant without, and recycling is a walk in the park.

If you’re faced with an increasing workload due to increased hospital discharge, then we’re here to help you.

  • New digital resources to assist your therapists in the specification of product
  • Videos and guides to help care assistants setup and finetune the product to fit the user
  • Simple review programs to enable you to review the equipment in use.
  • Tools specifically designed to allow you to remain at a distance, whilst increasing your productivity.



For total peace of mind and quick, efficient service, you can now specify your equipment remotely by connecting with our team. Here is how it works:

Specification – virtual assessment

Our team is ready to support you: over the telephone, through Zoom or Skype or Whatsapp video calls, to specify the correct equipment without the need for a one-to-one visit. We give you our guarantee that if specified with our assistance, the product will be fit for purpose OR we will collect the product and give you a credit

Using our new digital assessment tool, you can now carry out measurement assessments remotely, collecting data using the family or care staff on site. The results are delivered back to your inbox, enabling you to complete the assessment form with confidence.


The assessment form can be submitted to our support team, where an itemised quotation will be raised and submitted. The specification will be checked to ensure all accessories are compatible.

We have invested in depth of stock which ensures that we can deliver your equipment quickly, right when and where you need it. White glove deliveries can be arranged to the client's property, or palletised products to your equipment store - whichever suits you best.


With our most vulnerable users needing to self-isolate, we will assist in ensuring the products are set up without the need for onsite intervention. Stock items will be set up before leaving our building, ready for use. Care assistants can be trained using video meetings, and virtual review meetings can be arranged to follow up and ensure that the product is meeting with your goals


Online training is now available for both teams and individuals on our products.

Our virtual training academy is perfectly suited to those working from home or other remote locations and aims to deliver the tools and knowledge necessary to specify products correctly, identify what accessories may be required, and adjust them when required.

We have assessment forms and guides as free tools for download, designed to further help you through the process.

If you'd like to explore our training options, send us an email to hello@wealdenrehab.com and we'll respond as a matter of urgency


Further Information

Please read our COVID-19 policy and strategy, this is not a static document and will be updated regularly: https://wealdenrehab.com/covid-19 

Our latest blog can regarding our tailored equipment solutions to help the NHS discharge patients can be found here: https://wealdenrehab.com/blog/adapt-and-change-our-strategy-to-help-our-customers

As always, if you have any specific challenges we can assist with please don’t hesitate to contact us. Here at Wealden Rehab, every one of our team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service throughout this time.
Simon Campbell - Managing Director

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