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What to Look for in Bath Hoists and Lifts

By Dale Campbell 28 March 2018 79 Views No comments

Bath hoists and lifts are vital for people with a wide range of mobility challenges. They help them get in and out of a bath easily, either by elevating them from underneath (lifts) or from above (hoists). However, there are so many different options that choosing the best can be a challenge.

A successful​ partnership​ helps create a care space that feels like home

By Dale Campbell 16 March 2018 322 Views No comments

Wealden Rehab were delighted to work as part of a successful partnership. We installed GoLift ceiling hoist and track throughout a property when it was modified into a lifetime home for a profoundly disabled young adult. The OT helps tell the story…

Changing Places – Change Lives (While Boosting Footfall)

By Dale Campbell 2 March 2018 102 Views No comments

Since the Changing Places campaign began in 2006, more than 1,000 Changing Places toilets have been built across the country, making life easier and more accessible for around 250,000 disabled people. But there’s still more work to be done.

Introducing the SplaShield for Raz!

By Ben Campbell 14 February 2018 130 Views No comments

So at last we’ve received the first batch of a product that many customers have been waiting for: a splash guard for the RAZ shower chair!

What do Occupational Therapists do?

By Ben Campbell 8 February 2018 186 Views No comments

Many of us work with or around occupational therapists - but what do they actually do?

A RAZ shower chair prevents an OT 'tearing her hair out'!

By Simon Campbell 6 February 2018 237 Views No comments

When it comes to shower chairs, we often talk about the importance of adjustability, postural support, pressure relief and comfort – particularly when it comes to paediatric users.