How much does a shower chair cost?

A shower chair can be one of the biggest investments they have to make

If you’re working with a client who needs help at home, a shower chair can be one of the biggest investments they have to make.

But that doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth:

There’s a wide range of factors that affect the cost of a shower chair. And if you know what to look for, you can help your client find the best fit for what they need — at a price that won’t break their budget.

Here’s what you need to know before you buy:

£450 - £700

...for a basic shower chair with standard features

£1500 or more

...for a high-end shower chair with advanced features


What features affect the cost?

Every commode shower chair has the same simple purpose:

To make bathroom routines easier for your clients.

But not everyone has the same needs — and you might need some extra features and functions to find the right fit for your client.

So what should you be looking out for?

Here are some of the biggest differences in features — and how each one can affect the cost of your shower chair:


1. Tilt-in-space vs. fixed-frame

Lots of shower chairs come with the option to recline the seat. That usually means changing the angle of the backrest, while the seat stays in a fixed position.

That’s great for lots of users. But for some people with restricted mobility, that won’t be enough for them to find a comfortable position (or to get the access and angles they need to wash themselves).

For those people, a ‘tilt in space’ shower chair is usually a better option:

Instead of just the backrest reclining, the entire seating area can be angled — both the backrest and the seat itself — creating a more relaxed position that makes it easier to reach the lower half of the body.


Tilt in Space: 


RAZ AT Shower chair 


RAZ AP Shower chair 

Fixed Frame:

Laguna SP Shower Chair


So what does that mean for the cost of your shower chair?

A chair with a tilting feature needs extra mechanisms and materials. It comes with extra controls and supporting structures — and it needs to be tested more thoroughly to work for every possible angle with people of different weights.

But with a fixed frame chair, things are simpler. There are no moving parts, and no extra variables to worry about.

So if you’re working with a client who needs the flexibility of a tilting shower chair, you’re usually looking at a higher overall cost.


2. Height adjustment

If you’re working with a client who needs to be hoisted into their shower chair, it’s a massive help have the option of adjusting the seat height.

(It’s also useful if they need someone to help them wash — bringing the lower half of their body up to a height that’s easier for a carer to reach.)

Just like the reclining and tilt-in-frame options, this means extra mechanisms and controls built into the shower chair. And these extra features can add to the price.

But there are still differences in the types of height adjustment:

Our RAZ AP Shower Chair comes with 100mm of height adjustment. But because it’s adjusted manually, the mechanisms and controls are simpler (and cost less).

With an electronic height adjustment — like our Indigo Drive HT — you’ll get nearly 400mm of height adjustment that works independently of the tilt function.

While an electronic height adjustment is more convenient, it’s also more complex. It needs more advanced machinery and materials — and that usually means it comes at a higher cost.


3. Self-propelled vs. attendant-propelled

For lots of clients, their independence is important. And that means a self-propelled shower chair is often the best choice.

But with a motor and electronic controls, you’re adding advanced mechanisms — and that can add to the final cost of your shower chair.

So if your client has a full-time carer and doesn’t need to move around by themselves, an attendant-propelled chair could be the right fit (and could help them save money).


Basic Features

  • Tilt or reclining chair 
  • Electronic height adjustment 
  • Self-propelled  

Advanced Features 

  • Fixed frame 
  • Manual height adjustment
  • Attendant-propelled 


What about the materials?

This one might seem obvious — but the bigger and stronger the chair, the higher the overall cost.

If your client needs a bariatric shower chair, you’ll be looking at a chair with larger frame. You’ll need heavy-duty materials and components that can handle more weight, and a stronger construction that can last through more stress and strain throughout the years.

But it’s not just about the frame:

Every component and joint needs to be heavy-duty to match a heavier user — from the wheels and seat to the backrest and armrest. And all those extra materials can add to the cost of a bariatric shower chair.

On the other end of the scale, a paediatric shower chair doesn’t need to hold as much weight. It can be lighter and smaller in size, with materials that aren’t as heavy-duty.

While the reduced materials can help to keep the cost of a paediatric shower chair down, these savings are often offset against the extra features that a paediatric shower chair needs — such as extra adjustments to accommodate a growing person.


Will they need to pay for accessories?

For some clients, the standard shower chair will give them everything they need.

But every user is different — with their own individual needs.

So if you’re working with a client who needs a particular setup, you might need to spend a little extra to get the exact shower chair that works for them.

That could mean investing in things like:

If you’re working with a client who needs a lot of customisation, these accessories can add up — so you should always look beyond the listed price of the chair when you’re weighing up your options.


Working with someone who needs something extra?

Read our fill guide to customisdation with our most popular shower chair - the RAZ range

See your options   


Where can I get funding for my client?

A high-quality shower chair can be a big investment — especially if you’re working with someone who needs advanced features.

Luckily, there are options to help your clients get the funding they need:

You can apply to the local council to get help with home equipment for disabled people — or apply for a grant through charitable foundations like Independence at Home.


Need an expert to help you work through the costs?

We’ve been helping OTs and prescribers to solve problems for their clients for over 20 years — from assessing their needs and choosing the right kit, to customising the equipment that makes their daily lives easier.

That means we’ve got the knowledge and experience to guide you through the whole process — so you can find the best possible equipment for the people you work with (and keep your costs down!).

So if you’re looking at options for a shower chair for your client, start a chat with one of our team — and we’ll help you find the right fit for your client.

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