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5 Recipes for Seating Success

By Ben Campbell 3 January 2017 565 Views No comments

5 Recipes for Seating Success

Posture is complex and dynamic, which means you need the right support to ensure comfort, relieve pressure and improve function.

These 5 seating tips will help you achieve all these important goals.

1. Aim for 90/90/90

The seat should position the user's hips, knees and ankles so they're at rest at 90-degree angles.

This is widely recognised as the neutral position, which maximises stability and function.

2. Ensure you protect the soft tissue

You reduce pressure by distributing the body's weight over a larger surface.

Pressure-relieving cushions and foams can prevent ulceration, and tilt-in-space helps relieve pressure points.

3. Maximise seated contact area

The more contact users have with the chair's support surface, the more stable they'll be.

Achieve this by adjusting the seat depth, footrest position and arm height.

4. Promote symmetry

Everyone's point of balance and stability is different. The key to better posture is to promote the most symmetrical position for the user.

5. Protect and support the head

Head balance and control is closely linked to body position and stability.

Only support the user's head after you've ensured the pelvis, trunk and lower extremities are adequately supported.

If you would like more detail on positioning, risk factors and measuring, we have a seating recipe card pack for Occupational Therapists which can be downloaded here. It has one card for each element in this blog, with lots more information on assessing patients and evaluating seating.