Best in class shower chairs for loan stores

Introducing the dependable Laguna shower chair range.

Community equipment services provide equipment for children and adults that can help facilitate rehabilitation, hospital discharge, admission avoidance and end of life care.

When there is such a wide range of bathing equipment available to provide users with safety and independence, you want to be confident that the equipment you are offering is providing the sufficient support to as many user types as possible, and for the longest period.

Providing a long-term solution

The wheeled shower chair options available on the market can be overwhelming, with basic models starting at just a few hundred pounds. Every individual will hold a different story for needing a shower chair to help with their daily bathing routine and loan store equipment will need to provide longevity, withstanding multiple loan applications across a spectrum of needs and budgets.

We have been the provider of choice for loan stores with our popular shower chairs for over 20 years and always seek to provide the best service. Fulfilling the needs of the end user is at the forefront of all our products, ensuring we deliver the best possible solution at every level, offering adjustability and custom builds as required.

Introducing the Laguna Shower chair

There will be users with a certain amount of mobility that will not require a highly adjustable chair or a vast array of accessories. Some users may also only require the chair for a period of rehabilitation, increasing the shower chair’s recyclability needs.

It has been a growing concern for Wealden Rehab that budget constraints may be compromising the quality of equipment provision.

For customers looking for a more basic shower chair frame we have now introduced the Laguna shower chair to our growing portfolio. The Laguna models are built to withstand a demanding bathing environment and provide an extremely cost-efficient, mid range frame, offering comfort and function with features normally found only on higher spec chairs. That’s not all. The Laguna is available in self-propel, attendant-propel and attendant tilt models, and, if required, a variety of accessories is available.

Considerations for both the user and the environment

Considering both the individual and environment needs is key to providing a broad solution for your loan store. We have put together a few key considerations which demonstrate the versatility of the Laguna shower chair range but also indicates where a more advanced model may be necessary.


1. What is the individual’s current and long-term needs?

Clinical measurements and postural changes of the person will determine the set-up of the shower chair and the correct size frame.

The persons transfer ability/method will determine the function. Will they require a tilt in space? Will they require seat height adjustments?

All Laguna models offer height adjustment. The Laguna AT also provides a tilt function.

The persons current and long-term pressure relief needs for pressure relief in the seat. Another consideration would be how long the person spends in the chair.

The Laguna range offers a moulded soft seat overlay option for pressure distribution and comfort.

The persons physical ability to maintain their hygiene needs. Will seat configuration be required for the user for side or rear access?

The Laguna models do not offer seat configuration and a higher spec shower chair may be required for the user. Visit our full shower chair range.


2. The persons physical presentation and transfer method

Cognitive and behavioural needs will require a risk assessment and whether a specific set up or accessories are required.

The Laguna range offers a variety of accessories. The risk assessment will determine which accessories will be required.


3. The build and manufacture process

Manufactured for the bathing environment.

The Laguna offers an aluminium corrosion-resistant frame which is durable and easy to clean.


4. The environment

It is important that all specialist equipment can accommodate the user’s day to day needs. Below you will see our specification table for the Laguna models. This will help with justifying the Laguna as a solution to the environmental consideration points below:

  • Height of the toilet, toilet projection, space in the bathroom.
  • Further consideration of the frame will need to be complete when using a wash dry toilet. This includes the make/model of toilet, the seat height and if there are any restrictions to the chair going over: e.g., boxing/soil pipe.
  • Is there sufficient room in the shower alcove and will the shower chair fit through the door of the shower room?
  • How will the shower chair be positioned in the user’s bathing area?
  • Will there be enough room for the client to move safely in the shower alcove with the chair in position?


Laguna shower chair specifications 


Max user weight (kg)

150 150 150

Overall width 

580 710 580
Width between handles  420


Height from top of seat to top of backrest vinyl 430 430 430

Height from floor to top of push handles 

970-1070 970-1070 1020
Top of seat from floor 480-580 480-580 510-610
Underside if chassis side cross bar  185 185 224
Height of arm above seat  230 230 230
Depth chassis 430 430 430
Overall depth without footrests 640 820 690
Overall depth with footrests  865 1055 920
Top of seat from standard footplates  410-520 410-520 410-520
Rearmost chair point to rear of seat aperture  200 370 250
Front of chassis to front of footplates  270 270 280
Overall depth with footplates, in full tilt  N/A N/A 1410
Maximum clearance for WC cistern N/A N/A 985


Long-term cost savings

Providing durability and longevity throughout all levels of your core stock shower chairs will reduce and even eradicate frame repairs and benefit stores with long term cost savings.

Wealden Rehab continually collaborates with customers, partners, and end users to satisfy equipment needs in what can be a challenging industry. We are proud to showcase our growing shower chair range and our team are excited to demonstrate the new Laguna as a fantastic addition to existing core stock.

Discover the Laguna shower chair range. Chat to a product advisor 01634 813388, book your product training, or get up close to the Laguna at our new Customer Experience Centre in Kent. Enquire now.

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