Changing Places Awareness Day: An opportunity for everyone

To mark Changing Places Awareness Day in 2021, we are exploring the importance of these facilities, their impact on a business or destination, and how we can help. 

Could you be missing out on an extremely beneficial opportunity?

The ‘purple pound’ is a term that refers to the spending power of households with a disabled individual. According to government research, more than 1 in 5 potential UK consumers has a disability. This means that disabled people make up 20% of your potential customers. The combined spending power of disabled people and their families is £249 billion per year. However, businesses lose £2 billion every year because 75% of disabled people and their families walk away from a UK business because of poor accessibility.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in ‘staycations’ in the UK. Concerns over the spread of the virus led to 42.7% of people wishing to stay home rather than travel abroad. (City Suites, 2020). Are you catering to the 20% of day trips (worth £8.5 billion) taken by people with disabilities and their travel companions during an increase in UK tourism? 



 The reality is that many disabled people and their carers are unable to leave the house for more than a couple of hours due to a lack of suitable facilities. As a result, Changing Places facilities are a key feature that carers look for when they visit any attraction. Wingham Wildlife Park installed a Changing Places facility with us and were thrilled as “around 30 families have used the new toilet block” in the first holiday since completion.  

What are the specifications of a Changing Places Toilet, and how can Wealden Rehab help? 

A compliant Changing Places facility requires:


- A height-adjustable, adult-sized changing bench 

- An overhead hoist system 

- A privacy screen or curtain 

- A large washbasin with a thermostatic tap, mounted to an adjustable bracket 

- A centrally placed comfort height toilet 

- Floor space of 12 square meters with enough room for turning 

- A paper roll dispenser for covering the changing bench 

- Folding grab rails on either side of the toilet 

- Fixed grab rails on either side of the toilet and basin 

- Horizontal grab rail on the toilet door 

- Two large waste bins, including one for clinical waste 

- A manually operated hand dryer 

- A colostomy bag shelf 

- Coat hooks 

- Mirror 


For more detail, watch our video, which talks through all the items required for the facility to be compliant. 



Wealden Rehab is happy to discuss the opportunities at your premises by phone, or visit to see if you have adequate space to install a Changing Places facility. We can draw up and price the project for you, saving you valuable time and ensuring a smooth installation process.  

We want to help you unleash your business potential for the benefit of disabled people and your community. Wealden Rehab believes that everyone has the right to enjoy our public spaces.  

Ben Campbell, a project manager here at Wealden Rehab, says:


“Nobody should miss out because their options for using a loo are either to be changed on a toilet floor, or simply staying at home! A properly specified facility can transform the opportunities for disabled people to enjoy a day out, and at the same time can really boost your brand experience in inclusivity” 


There are many options available; If your needs are remote or space is restricted, our team can even offer stand-alone units. 


 Contact us today on 01634 813388 to kickstart your Changing Places installation in 2021.


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