The cost benefits of using recyclable care equipment

The cost of a shower chair can escalate over time as maintenance, training and repair bills aren’t always factored in

Justifying the cost of your shower chair purchase

Cost is the value of money that has been used to provide a product or service. The life-time value of the purchase will determine the return on investment. The questions below are often raised when discussing the longevity and cost efficiency of specialist equipment and should be considered when making your shower chair purchase.

How many times have you had to repair the item?

  • How much time has been wasted trying to configure the item for each use?

  • How many times has the item required adjustments for suitability?

  • How much time has been wasted with repeat training for the item?

Below we cover the importance of Recyclability, Reconfigurability and Time to consider when choosing your shower chair.

1. Recyclability and how this can this affect the cost of your shower chair

If a product has a 100% recyclability rate, this means less going to our landfills, conserving energy, and preventing the pollution that's generated to make a new product. We all like to do our bit for the environment and purchasing a 100% recyclable and reusable product ensures your environmental waste will be a lot less than a product with a lower recyclability rate.

RAZ core stock purchases year on year

It is common practice in the UK to recycle care equipment. The RAZ shower chair is designed to be highly adjustable, meeting a wide variety of needs without having to purchase many specials. The multiple features and adjustments of the RAZ allows it to be fine-tuned to the users needs. As a result, you get greater support, easier showering and toileting, and lower costs.

The information below compares council statistics for RAZ recyclability over a four year period. This illustrates that due to the high recyclability rate, less chair purchases were required .

County Council A

Statistics for having RAZ on core stock for 3 years:

1. 100% recyclability rate – data provided by loan store

2. 55% decrease year on year in number of RAZ chairs purchased for stock

County Council B

Statistics for having RAZ on core stock for 4 years:

1. 81% recyclability rate – data provided by loan store

2. 60% decrease year on year in number of RAZ chairs purchased for stock

2. Reconfigurability for a  cost-effective shower chair solution

Reconfigurability is defined as the ability to repeatedly change and rearrange the components of a system in a cost-effective way.

For loan stores or environments with multi-users, there are many variables required from one product, some of these are clinical requirements, user sizes and environment restrictions. By finding an adaptable custom solution or adjustable multi use product, you can eliminate high priced Specials for individuals and start to increase your recyclability rate.

The effects of purchasing equipment that doesn’t adjust to accommodate different needs or that doesn’t lend itself to working for the 95% to 99% of users can lead to your original purchase savings being counterproductive

3. Incorporating time into the shower chair cost

Certain shower chairs can cost the same money in repairs and maintenance as the original purchase price. If you tally up the cost for engineer call outs, repair visits and any parts you’re purchasing for a product, you may find the total paid to be uneconomical.

Ensure your supplier can give the required post purchase support for your shower chair. First rate in-depth product training and follow up assistance is vital and will save time and money down the line. The quality of support and training provided can make a difference by increasing confidence in prescribing and setting up the product.

We help people on a daily basis with their specialist equipment purchases and only supply products that we know will benefit procurement and the end user long term. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your shower chair queries or if you have any other observations on data relating to effective cost savings, we’d love to hear from you, so get in contact!

We have a range of bathing & hygiene and moving & handling products that can reduce recycling costs - book your video demonstration online or call 01634 813388.

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