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Wealden Rehab are a leading supplier of shower benches, changing tables and care equipment in the UK. Our approach to the design of our products places a focus on comfort, ease of use and longevity. Where possible, our products are able to adapt to their users as they grow.

Every day we work with care professionals in many sectors as well as direct users of our products to deliver bespoke, turnkey solutions that improve lives in care homes, personal homes, hospitals, day care centres and Changing Places facilities.

Our Range of Shower Benches and Changing Tables

Shower Benches

Our range of shower benches and changing tables are designed with a focus on ease of use and providing problem-solving solutions for carers, medical professionals and direct users alike.

With a built-in water collection tray, our best-selling Premium 200 and 175 shower benches prevent both carers and shower room flooring from getting wet by collecting and draining away excess water. Their uniquely low and adjustable height makes the Premium 200 and 175 shower benches ideal for children or small adults, who can access the shower bench without the need to be lifted by a carer and removing the need for a specialist hoist.

Built with comfort in mind, the Premium 200 shower bench has an adjustable headrest for adequate support, while both models can be folded away when not in use to save space.

Changing Tables

Alternatively, our Nivano CTB Changing Table is battery operated and wall-mounted, designed for spaces in which a mains power supply is a challenge - a common scenario for shower rooms and bathrooms. Our range of changing tables are robust, height adjustable and can be neatly folded away whilst out of use, and are capable of lifting users from near-floor level to a convenient height for washing or changing. We try to ensure that our products are providing helpful, problem-solving solutions to increase ease of use for all of our customers.

Ordering Shower Benches and Changing Tables

Our shower benches and changing tables are provided with three years’ warranty as standard, with an extended warranty of five years available with a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Whichever you require, we work closely with customers to ensure that our solution is tailored and effective for each individual and their needs.

If you’re interested in our range of shower benches or changing tables, get in touch to find out more or speak to a member of our team on 0845 658 8411.

Shower Benches and Changing Tables

Premium 200 Shower Bench
CTX Changing & Showering Bench
Nivano Wall Mounted Changing Table
Invincible Changing Table
Premium 150 Shower Bench
Premium 175 Shower Bench
Nivano CTB battery-powered changing table
PLUS Shower Seat, Manual

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