RAZ Commode pan updated

The RAZ Commode Pan has just been updated

The RAZ Commode Pan has many benefits for care assistants.

The pan is injection-moulded and can be cleaned using thermic disinfection without destruction. The handle is strong and firm, whilst the shape of the pan covers the entire seat aperture giving confidence to carers and users alike.

The pan slides into the seat-mounted pan runners from the back of the chair, and has a useful 'locking' mechanism to ensure correct placement, and to keep the pan in place if you tilt the chair.

The runners are coloured for visual acuity, which helps with location of the pan in darker environments.

The pan has a central ridge in the bottom of the bowl, preventing contents from moving about. The bowl has a funnel front making it easy to discharge the contents into the toilet bowl. A fitting lid completes the design by improving safety during transfer.


However, some users commented that the old dark grey bowl was making it difficult to trace blood in the waste, or to identify the colour of urine (a useful indicator of hydration levels).

So we've updated the pan by moulding it in a light grey colour to make these visual cues more obvious It's only a small change but one we're confident will make like easier for our users.

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