Which shower commode chair is best?

It's crucial to understand the user's level of mobility and support needed before purchasing a shower chair. 

When purchasing a shower chair, it is critical to determine the user’s level of mobility and support needed. When purchasing a shower chair, it is critical to determine the user’s level of mobility and support needed.With such an extensive shower chair range, we felt it would be useful to showcase their benefits within one article to help you compare and assess for the diverse breadth of client needs.

We accommodate a very wide spectrum of users, from children to adults and bariatrics, and consider our solutions to be future proof, able to grow and change with smaller users as well as meet the changing needs and challenges of adults and plus size clients.

We work closely with OT’s and healthcare workers to ensure our products continue to provide exceptional client support for rehabilitation requirements or lifelong conditions. Wealden Rehab’s products are carefully selected for their durability, care provision, and adjustability, for multiple care environments.

Our best-in-class shower chairs are designed for long-term use. Our growing portfolio of different models and accessories make it easy for you to specify a perfectly client-centred solution.

Considerations when choosing a shower chair

Everyone’s needs differ. Considerations of the end users current and future mobility conditions, the support that will be needed, and whether there may be multiple users, is key to your equipment choice.

We have listed some important factors to consider for your client’s solution and we’ll guide you through our shower chair range to highlight the beneficial features of each model.

  • Purchase and long-term costs
  • Clinical considerations
  • Postural requirements
  • Pressure relief requirements
  • Adaptable
  • Adjustable
  • Recyclability
  • Reconfigurability
  • Existing toileting facilities
  • Level of independence

Which shower chair is the most cost effective?

Ideally finding a shower chair that offers multi functionality and can adjust to various settings is the most cost effective. As a client grows, or their requirements change, a shower chair that can adapt is going to prove the most efficient.

The RAZ shower chair is top for efficiency

The Raz shower chair range stands out a market leader offering unparalleled adaptability. It’s the preferred choice for budget holders and loan stores, helping them cut costs in their services and maximise asset recyclability.

The range is renowned for providing exceptional comfort and support to help meet the health and social care requirements of people of all ages, covering a multitude of short and long-term needs. Crucially, choosing the RAZ shower chair makes it easy and affordable to meet specific needs without having to use bespoke equipment. The RAZ chair can be fine-tuned for every user to assist with toileting and provide support with pelvic and spinal positioning.

With so much flexibility, we find that many of our end user clients have used their RAZ shower chair from childhood through to adulthood or where equipment adjustments are required throughout the continuation of their long-term condition.

You will find all our RAZ shower chair models via the link below. Click each model to view more details.

Which shower chair is best to aid independence?

We’re finding more Occupational Therapists turning to us for solutions.  Their clients, while maintaining a certain level of independence, still face frustrations as they need care intervention for toileting routine and hoisting requirements.

At Wealden Rehab, we specialise in finding the right care equipment to enhance the quality of life for both users and carers alike. We believe everyone deserves to live a life that is as comfortable, dignified, and independent as possible.

The IndiGo shower chair range is top for independence

When you choose the correct care aids, it is possible to reduce the amount of care intervention required. This means that there can be long-term savings offered by reduced care intervention, such as less need for support with washing, toileting, or cooking.

Introduced in 2023, the innovative IndiGo shower chair range is our first to offer motorised features and is already making a difference to many people’s quality of life. The Drive function enables users to effortlessly move from room to room, and manoeuvre to access their toileting facilities without the need for a carer intervention. The Indigo Drive has adjustable power assisted drive (left/right or attendant controlled) and power assisted height adjustment, and power assisted tilt.

The IndiGo has proved to be life changing-
We are constantly discovering more stories from individuals about how the IndiGo has been life changing. After one user had his bespoke IndiGo Drive chair delivered, it was able to give him complete independence. Able to complete all showering, toileting, and transfers self-sufficiently. A bonus for him was that his care package was reduced to zero. Read about this fantastic story in our case study.

Watch this great introduction video - below 

You’ll find all of our IndiGo shower chair models via the link below. Click each model to view more details.

Self-propel shower chairs that promote independence

The self-propelled shower chair is a smart solution for those who can remain independent when toileting and showering. The large rear wheels have hand rims that allow the user to propel themselves without the need for a carer.

Wealden Rehab offer self-propel shower chair models as part of our range. The popular self-propel RAZ SP shower chair is multi-adjustable with a range of seat heights, seat depths, armrest heights and backrest angle adjustments which are standard specification. Also available in the RAZ shower chair range is the SP LOW, offering a lower seat height option.

For plus size users, The RAZ SP600 offers a stainless-steel frame and hardware that accommodates a safe working load of up to 275kg.

The Laguna shower chair range also includes a self-propel model which offers exceptional comfort and function with many features as standard, with a durable, corrosion resistant aluminium, easy-clean frame. This makes the Laguna a cost effective and reliable shower chair choice for multi-user environments. All wheels are equipped with separate brakes providing users with greater independence in the shower environment. In addition, we can provide a self-propel wheel kit that can be attached to any existing attendant propelled Laguna chair.

Independence when travelling

The RAZ ZUM is a folding shower chair ideal for transporting around for holidays or storing for occasional use.

Part of the RAZ chair family, the ZUM is a comfortable supportive chair that can be taken anywhere. If you are looking for a chair that can be easily transported, the RAZ ZUM could be a good choice for your client. A simple, well-designed frame allows you to take the chair apart into manageable parts, and it’s easy to put back together again into a solid supportive chair. Custom axle receivers will allow the use of the user’s own wheelchair wheels.

All our self-propel shower chair models are listed below. Click each model to view more details.

Which shower chair is best for recyclability?

Why is recyclability crucial in a shower chair? In an era of tighter budgets, our equipment solutions need to be robust enough for use in diverse environments, enduring the challenges of daily care. This is especially vital for loan stores where the product is passed from one user to the next until it reaches the end of its usable life.

For a product to be recycled repeatedly, it must endure the test of time without constant repair. Users of specialist equipment will use them regularly, sometimes almost constantly, for an improved quality of life.

The RAZ shower chair is top for longevity

The RAZ shower chairs have been specially constructed using highly durable materials to ensure reliability and longevity, eliminating the need to replace shower chairs regularly. Made from stainless steel to maximise durability and eliminate rust, the RAZ shower chair frame is robust enough to withstand countless bathing routines. The frame is also scratch assistant, ensuring the shower chair keeps its quality for re-use in loan stores.

On top of that, each RAZ chair in the range is suitable for a person whose needs might change or progress overtime and will prevent the need of having to change pieces of equipment multiple times. The modular design of the RAZ range ensures that only shower chair parts need replacing and so there is no need to replace the whole chair.

You will find all our RAZ shower chair models via the link below. The RAZ model include self-propel, attendant assisted, bariatric and paediatric options. Click each model to view more details.

Which shower chair is best for a limited budget?

Everyone has a unique story behind their need for a shower chair to aid in their daily bathing routine. Ultimately, users depend on their shower chair to enhance their quality of life and home care provision. When selecting a shower chair, it’s essential not to compromise on product durability and comfort.

Some users with limited mobility may not require a highly adjustable chair or a multitude of accessories, especially if budget constraints are a consideration. In every scenario, it’s crucial that the chosen shower chair provides the best solution for the client.

The Laguna shower chair is top for a restricted budget

For customers looking for a more basic shower chair frame we have now introduced the Laguna shower chair to our growing portfolio. The Laguna models are built to withstand a demanding bathing environment and provide a cost-efficient, mid-range frame, offering comfort and function with features normally found only on higher spec chairs.

The best-in-class Laguna shower chair is available in self-propel, attendant-propel and attendant tilt models, and, if required, a variety of accessories are available.

Customers have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and functionality of this range at its price point. It’s definitely worth considering.

You will find all our Laguna shower chair models via the link below. Click each model to view more details.

Which shower chair is best for Bariatrics?

The right care equipment for bariatric users is crucial for their safety, comfort, and mobility. By investing in specialised care equipment and tailoring care to meet their specific needs, healthcare providers can ensure that bariatric individuals receive the best possible care and support.

  • Bariatric users often have unique physical needs and challenges due to their weight and size.
  • Inadequate equipment can lead to strain and injuries for both the user and carer.
  • The right care equipment should help to distribute pressure evenly, reducing the likelihood of pressure ulcers and related complications.

Wealden Rehab are top for bariatric shower chairs

Getting the right shower chair is essential for a bariatric user for them to feel comfortable and secure during their bathing routine. Our shower chairs are innovatively designed to help different user needs and can help with a range of factors that would need to be considered. For example, a plus size user will need an aperture that is further forward with a slackened backrest to accommodate a gluteal shelf.

Our bariatric shower chair products accommodate diverse needs. Our popular RAZ plus size models offers attendant propel, a self-propel model and all our RAZ chairs feature the unique IPAS seat system, which enables the depth of the seat to be adjusted to achieve optimum aperture positioning for each individual client.

Say Hello to the IndiGo

It is great when a shower chair user can move and position themselves independently around the home. For plus sized users this may be a struggle both for the individual and for the carer. Our new IndiGo shower chairs feature motorised functionality that aids this struggle.

Our IndiGo Drive T Plus enables the user to have control and move themselves with the Drive feature from bathroom to bedroom. The Drive feature also gives relief to the carer, especially on carpeted or hard to manoeuvre areas. The IndiGo Plus HT and IndiGo HTX offer height and tilt functions, greatly reducing strain injury for the carer.

All our plus size shower chair models are listed below. Click each model to view more details.

Whether manual or electric, the shower chair must be adapted precisely to the requirements and needs of the respective user to support their individual requirements. if a user’s needs change over time, the chair can be adjusted to accommodate those changes, but it may be necessary to ask the prescriber to re-assess to ensure any changes are appropriate.

Which shower chair is best for paediatrics?

There is a wide range of specialist equipment available for children and young adults. This equipment may be needed in the home or at your child’s school or nursery.

A child may struggle to use the toilet and shower independently. The shower chair selected for the client will need to provide a safe and secure environment. Within a safe environment it is likely to bring a more enjoyable bathing and toileting experience for the parent/carer.

Wealden Rehab is top for paediatric shower chairs

Wealden Rehab are renowned for providing exceptional bathing solutions for paediatrics. It is always a pleasure to visit the home of a child and make adjustments to one of our shower chairs that has been part of their daily life for many years as they have matured and developed.

The RAZ ATP (Attendant Tilt Paediatric) chair is a stainless steel tilt-in-space shower chair designed for paediatrics and small adults. It’s popularity lies in its high adjustability, accommodating the child as they grow or their condition changes.

Alternatively, our IndiGo HTM model is a paediatric shower chair with electric height adjustment. This model offers a low entering height at just 480mm, and users who have the strength can sit down themselves and are not forced to use a lift.

All paediatric shower chair models are listed below. Click each model to view more details.

Why not try our online tool, Which shower chair is best for me? The tool can be found on our website shower chair category page to help with your shower chair choice whilst you browse.

We support professionals throughout the UK with assessing and providing solutions for bathing and hygiene.

Our chairs offer tangible benefits to our clients, whether in a specialist hospital department where pressure management is critical, an Occupational Therapist who requires a rapid solution for a specific user, or indeed a budget holder who is looking to reduce costs in their service and maximise asset recyclability.

For all these decision criteria, our specially trained product advisors are available to carry out a product assessment. They always consider the user’s environment and consider obstacles, door widths, etc. for the best solution.

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