Sedoccia HiLo Shower Chair

A powered height-adjustable and tilt in space shower chair

Product Code: B4000

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Key features

  • Height adjustable
  • Tilt-in-space
  • Battery operated (both height adjustment and tilt mechanism)
  • 135kg Weight capacity
  • Weighs just 48kg
  • Stainless steel construction

Wealden Rehab are pleased to present Sedoccia, a newly developed and outstanding height adjustable shower and hygiene chair for intensive healthcare utilisation.
Drawing from feedback within the market, the Sedoccia has been specifically designed to overcome some of the most widespread issues in existing products, and to present solutions to the most extensive challenges.
The Sedoccia has been developed around a vertical lifting frame, thus making redundant the use of multiple hinges within the height adjustment mechanism. This has advantages which include the minimising of wear and tear on load-bearing parts, and makes for a much more stable frame even when extended to its maximum height. The seat tilt mechanism uses new technology in motorisation giving flawless service and the highest performance
Indeed the whole Sedoccia product has been constructed using just different 157 parts, a far cry from alternative products. This keeps spares inventory to a minimum, and repairs easier to deal with. All of the electronic controls are housed in one easy-to-access compartment mounted on the rear of the chair, giving an easy solution to responsive servicing.
The Sedoccia chair has been ergonomically designed to make it easy to use and manoeuvre. Weighing just 48kg, the Sedoccia is mounted on easy-moving locking castors and has a large loop push handle making the chair accessible whatever height the carer. The extensive use of stainless steel in the construction of the Sedoccia underwrites the length of time this chair will stay in service.
The closed cell foam moulded seat and backrest have been manufactured with durability in mind. The matching safety armrests are similarly padded, and have a useful positive-locking swivel action so that the arms can be used in the best way the individual user.


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